Software development

Software development

Strong Webtech is the best software development company in Punjab. Strong Webtech company has a dedicated software application development team. Focusing on C, Ruby, SQL and Python programming languages ​​and using .NET and Rails frameworks, we have the power to turn your ideas into commercial products.

Our development team is supported by internal testing and DevOps teams that ensure we can implement robust and secure solutions.

Web. Cloud. Mobile. Desktop. Whatever the application, we can build it.

.NET is a powerful and flexible platform for creating apps for any purpose.
If you’re looking to develop an application in .NET then we have the developers in-house who can help you.
We can take your idea and work with you to create the functionality that you require. Our developers are supported by designers who can customise the user interface for UX, making sure that your application is built for usability as well as any complex system requirements.

How We Work.

You’ll be working with our in-house developers throughout the project. The team follow an Agile/Scrum methodology with all projects. User requirements are captured within user stories and recorded. We’ll then prioritise stories by business benefit and what can be delivered within each sprint. This will be discussed as part of a sprint planning process.

Specialist Ruby and Ruby on Rails framework developers

Blue Frontier have specialists, fluent in both Ruby and Ruby on Rails framework. This dynamic, open source programming language focuses on simplicity, and versatility making it an effective language to build bespoke web applications.
With thousands of extensions, user friendly and mobile ready, Ruby is a fantastic code base to build your software on.

Get your software tested by our specialist team.

To complete our software development services, we also have an in-house test team who can meticulously test software to ensure that it’s functioning as it should.

The team employ our ISO 9001 & 13485 certified QMS when testing software, which means that we conform to strict processes to ensure that quality of the work that we do.

From focused new feature checks through to comprehensive end to end testing of an entire site, we have the tools and experience to ensure the quality of your software delivery and to help maximise your online revenue.

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We assure you:

  • - To Make your website fast loading.
  • - Keep your navigation simple and intuitive.
  • - Be consistent throughout your website.
  • - Add a search bar if you have content that changes frequently.
  • - Create a mobile version of your site.
  • - Test your site before launching.
  • - Have fun!